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printed pcb board-LTE Protocol Testing Development Training in Noida

2. Jul 2016 07:48, rigidflexpcb

LTE Protocol Testing Development Training in Noida Ragon Systems is specialized in delivering industry level knowledge/training to the telecom professionals on next generation wireless technology i.e. LTE. Ragon Systems has team of industry experts who deliver world class training on LTE Testing.

What is LTE actually? How it will be beneficial to you and your career? Do you know this?
Long-Term Evolution (LTE), as explained by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), is broadly accepted as the next-generation technology for mutually voice and data wireless communication. LTE was originally specified in the 3GPP Release 8 plan in December 2008. With the exclusion of the air interface, LTE is all-Internet Protocol network, captivating benefit of and converging with IP network technology.
LTE has some remarkable capabilities like it multilayer pcb supports MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) antenna technology, including 2x2 and 4x4 configurations. It also provides 150-Mbit/s uplink bandwidth and 300-Mbit/s downlink when using 4x4 MIMO. It boasts latencies of less than 5 ms. And it can maintain hundreds of users per cell.
Major telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) and carriers have announced their intent to build up and supply LTE services and products. As of early 2010, 51 providers in approximately 24 countries have made these commitments. In the early hours, carrier deployments are estimated in Asia and North America, with major expansions in all major markets. 2013 have seen around 85 million LTE subscribers and all but half a billion people will use LTE by 2015.
LTE-based networks have multiple benefits over other network services like
*High bandwidth which enables new
*Advanced services that drastically improve emergency communications with enhanced capabilities for real-time video
*Face scanning and recognition for rapid verification next to centralized facial recognition
*Databases from any position
*Video observation of areas not detected with a fixed connection like coastal areas and deserts which would result in better security
*Instant visual emergency assessments
*E-mail - fast rigid flex board and reliable delivery
*Recorded communications
*Database interrogation
*Fast access to suspect information from anywhere
*Fast retrieval of information needed during an emergency
*Voice - higher quality transmissions and transcriptions
These new services will be delivered through a single, integrated, all-IP network that will better update emergency service providers, leasing them build better decisions and faster.
Usually, LTE testing requires complex protocol scenarios to validate that the performance of the core network is capable of meeting the required placed on it in emergency situations. Preferably, a testing solution allows numerous engineers to contribute to the same hardware without impacting other tests, making the process consistent, efficient and reliable.
Typical tests will include:
*RF layer tests to ensure that the deployed equipment will not interfere with other existing 700MHzLMR,
*PSCR systems
* Service coverage validation
*Outdoor and indoor scenarios
*Hand over verification
* Messaging/protocol tests
*Public-safety application tests(video, data)
*Performance tests(throughput, latency etc)
Signaling Analyzer Real Time (SART) can be used to test all the areas. Its multi-user architecture which lets large numbers of engineers performs testing concurrently. Capabilities include:
*In-depth and advanced performance testing
* Multiuser, loaded-network stress testing
*Network architecture type testing
*Interoperability testing that includes testing the evolved packet core (EPC) and inter-connecting, multiple EPCs
*eNodeB handovers
* Mobility management entity(MME)-MME handovers
* LTE-to-LTE handover testing and evaluation
*System Testing
*E2E testing

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