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pcb program-Choose InfiniBand Cables for Secure Data Transfer

14. Jul 2016 08:45, rigidflexpcb

Choose InfiniBand Cables for Secure Data Transfer InfiniBand is a communication link for data flow between processors and I/O devices that offers throughput of up to 2.5 gigabytes per second and support for up to 64,000 addressable devices. InfiniBand is a powerful new architecture supported by all the major OEM server vendors as a means to expand and create the next generation I/O interconnect standard in servers.

InfiniBand is a low pin count serial architecture that connects devices on the PCB and enables "Bandwidth Out of the Box" by spanning distances up to 17m over ordinary twisted pair copper wires. InfiniBand was designed as an rigid flex pcb open interconnect standard for moving high volumes of data quickly between processors and I/O devices. It can work with conventional switches as a pure server interconnect, and with multi-fabric server switches to combine the server interconnect function with Ethernet and Fibre Channel gateways.

InfiniBand offers a high performance, low latency, reliable switch fabric to serve as a scalable I/O interconnect. It supports quality of service and is often used as a server connection in high performance computing environments. High layers of functionality enable applications such as application clustering, fast IPC (Inter Process Communication), and SANs (Storage Area Networks).

InfiniBand provides RAS which stand for Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability. It supports reliability with multiple CRC's (Cyclical Redundancy Checks) to detect errors. The availability is supported as it enables redundancy and supports failover by switching to an alternative path. InfiniBand supports serviceability through special management functions, which can be either in-band or out-of-band. The RAS capabilities have been designed into the architecture from the beginning to serve as the common I/O infrastructure for the next generation of computers.

The infiniband cables are available in varied lengths. These are classified into four categories:-

1)Pass through optical core- 10m length

2)Pass through copper core- 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m

3)Splitter optical core- 10m, 20m

4)Splitter copper core- 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m

The InfiniBand cables are somewhat fragile and utmost care should be taken while handling them.

1)Do not twist the infiniband cable to open a kink. Open the kink by un-looping the cable.

2)Do not step on the cable or connectors. Plan cable paths efficiently away from foot traffic or rolling loads.

3)Do not drop the cable from any height. Gently set the cable down on a stable surface.

4)Do not pull the cable from the box or any opening, instead unroll the cable gently.

5)Do not straighten the cable forcibly, leave it as is.

6)Do not drag the cables; carry the entire cable from the point of connection.

7)Do not cinch the infiniband cable with hard fasteners or cable ties. Use soft hooks for bundling and securing cables.

8)Do not pack the cable to fit a tight space. Use an alternative cable route.

9)Do not bend the cables to a rigid flex pcb radius tighter than 85 mm. Ensure that cable turns are as wide as possible.

10)Do not force the cable connector into the receptacle by pushing the cable. Apply connection or disconnection forces at the connector only.

You must follow these precautions to prevent cable damage and ensure the longevity of the cables.
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