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pcb a Has SMT become the best method for printed circuit board assembly?

20. Jul 2016 15:14, rigidflexpcb

Has SMT become the best method for printed circuit board assembly? Printed circuit boards are an important invention and they have definitely changed the face of the electronic industry. They are used in different types of gadgets for their smooth functioning and efficient connecting and operation management.
There are different techniques that are used in the assembly of these PCBs. One of the most widely used technique in the industry is SMT. It has defeated different other techniques of PCB manufacturing and emerged as one of the most trusted options in the industry.
There are different reasons why SMT has become one of the leading options for efficient PCB manufacturing. Let's have a look at the various aspects in which SMT has excelled over the other manufacturing techniques:
The time factor-The first and foremost reason for the increasing use of SMT assembly system is that it is extremely time- saving. Gone are the days when conventional methods such as point to point and thru-hole techniques have been relied upon for assembly. These old methods were time consuming. It's because these methods included soldering of pads with the frame of the PCB, which is linked to the different connecting wires that transmit energy.
The cost factor-The next aspect where SMT scores rigid flex full points is the cost affectivity. As suggested by the time frame taken by the older procedures for the printed circuit board manufacturing, they were also costlier. Surface mount technology, on the other hand is cost effective and one doesn't have to spend as much money as they would've had to spend earlier.
The usability factor- The SMT assembly is a much smarter form of PCB building. The simple reason for the same is that these smartly manufactured PCBs are much sleeker and don't carry much baggage around them. This makes them useful for different applications such as laptops, smartphones and other things which require flat boards, rather than their bulky counterparts.
flex pcb /> These SMT manufactured printed circuit boards are really well accepted in the industry which is why they have been so widely accepted. One needs to research well so that you get the most trusted options in the industry.

This is what can help you in finding the most sought after options in the industry which can be trusted for long term PCB manufacturing. When you choose a good service provider you shall be able to serve your requirements in the best way.

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